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Abstract Paint
In the previous normal, it was common place to explore art shows and galleries.
You might pick up a new turquoise pottery mug, find a water color sunset , or get the chance to meet with local artists of various mediums.

Paint Dog Gallery gives you another option to discover, buy and sell local artwork, while meeting the artists online. 

Where Our Story Begins

Menno and Bonnie have always loved colour and design.
Menno developed this passion into a career designing and constructing cutting edge and innovative commercial warehouse office buildings.
Bonnie studied Art Education at the University of Alberta, which combined her love of children and her passion for capturing the beauty of God’s creation. Menno and Bonnie are now full-time artists.

Because in person gathering is no longer possible and participating in art shows or art walks is also impossible, we decided that by creating an online gallery we can provide a safe and effective way to connect with art patrons.
We love the opportunity to showcase the art of emerging and established artists and makers.

Enjoy the gallery and please feel free to contact us if you want to be featured, or if you have questions or feedback.

Featured Artists


Bonnie Giesbrecht


Menno Giesbrecht

Bonnie Giesbrecht has been an artist and educator for the last 30 years. She received her art education at the University of Alberta.

She loves the many and varied colours of the sky and the plants that declare God’s majestic handiwork. Bonnie often uses collage and other mixed media elements to enhance her acrylic paintings.

Our Local Artists
Our art is made by real people across Canada. From Abbotsford to Manitoba and many stops in-between, each piece with a maker behind it. They are one of one, and shipped directly to you. See the person behind your art. Artists.
Menno Giesbrecht is an emerging self-taught artist who has a background in developing industrial commercial spaces. He loves modern art and design, which is reflected in his non-representational, abstract art. The use of vivid colours gives his work vibrancy and vitality that is sought after by interior designers. 
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