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Who Are We?

We are artists, local to Canada, who support those keeping their craft alive. We make art not to sell, but because we love the process. We buy art, because we build up our industry. 
Before the virus, we, like everyone else, went to shows and galleries to meet makers. We got involved in the community and found people to connect with. Now along with every industry, we are trying to find a new way of sharing and connecting with those in our community. 
Everything in Paint Dog Gallery is original. Made by someone not far from you. Makers from across Canada who are inspired by what's around them. This is an opportunity to showcase art and talent to those who we have yet to meet. 
To ensure art is sustainable the gallery believes in reasonable commissions. Taking 25%. Our website, along with the physical gallery in saskatoon is a connecting point for artists. 
Currently all art is on display in saskatoon. Online sales are shipped out of physical gallery. Although as time goes on we wish to allow artists to post new pieces directly and ship from their own home. Looks like we still have work to do!
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